Residential Sales

Are you aware of all the hidden costs and details when buying or selling a home? Most of us have a working knowledge of what to expect when purchasing or selling a home such as getting pre-approved, setting aside money for legal fees, land transfer fees, property inspections, moving costs and even putting aside some money to purchase new appliances and furniture. Maybe even to do a bit of renovation or spruce up the new place with a new paint job. But, do most of us sit down to analyse our long-term affordability of a home? How many of us sit down and do a detailed analysis of our finances and decide whether we can actually afford a home at the top range of what we have been pre approved for? Most of us may be talked into buying something at the top end of our budget by real estate agents who convince you that in order to get everything on your checklist, you will have to search at the top end of your budget.


I on the other hand work with my clients from recommending them to financial advisors who can guide them through the details of hidden costs, and then based on their individual assessments, work with them to find a home that they can afford without putting any strain on their finances. I ensure that they will be able to buy it now and afford to carry the mortgage years to come. I take the time to find the ideal home and not rush into something based on current market trends, increase in bidding offers or a false sense of urgency created only to get a quick sale. I work with you to provide you a detailed and thorough analysis of what you can afford and ensuring that it clicks most of the boxes in your checklist.


Whether you are looking to sell your home for a bigger or smaller one; buy your first home; purchase an investment property or are simply looking for the ideal vacation cottage, my guarantee is to provide you with honest, transparent and satisfied service to ensure you that you make right decision without any pressure or hidden agenda. I take the time to analyse your needs and create a listing tailored specifically to your unique needs from location to amenities to the right neighbourhood.
I will sit with you and work on a lifestyle analysis to find out what you are looking for when buying your next home. With my wide knowledge and experience in finding my clients their ideal homes, I can guarantee you a successful home buying experience.