Sellers Checklist

  • Shop around for the ideal realtor who is familiar with the area you are selling and preferably where you plan to buy as well
  • Is the timing right for you to sell your home?
  • Understand what is included when  signing a listing agreement
  • Provide all of the home’s details to realtor
  • Do you want a professional stager?
  • Discuss your expectations during a home showing or open house with your realtor
  • Ensure that all valuables are removed before showings (personal items, documents, etc)
  • How much do you put aside for selling costs (hidden costs, possibility of carrying two mortgages in case your house does not sell by the time you move into your new home, realtor’s commission, legal fees, any fixes to be done in the home, staging costs)
  • Should you hold off for a better offer or accept what has come your way?
  • Ensure that you and your realtor reviews all the details of offers
  • If your home does not get sold before you move to your new home, can you afford two mortgages at the same time?
  • Will you have to rent until your house sells?